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Health is everything in this life. And when you have truly learned and understood the way to health fitness and growth and the lessons they teach, you will be well on the way to enjoying that level of health and live the kind of life that you may have previously believed was not attainable.

It is quite common to believe that the health you have is the best that you will ever get, even if it's not up to par. However, truly happy, healthy people get that way because they act to make it happen with a calm confidence that makes it possible. The truth is that as long as you want it enough and are prepared to work toward attaining it, then perfect health can be yours too!

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Smartwatch shipments decline 51.6 percent in Q3 2016: IDC1

hey this – whats upSmartwatches category has been showing a downwards fall for sometime now. The latest IDC report reveals that smartwatch shipments fell 52 percent in the third quarter to 27 million units as Apple showed the largest decline after Lenovo.

Smartwatch shipments decline 51.6 percent in Q3 2016: IDC

Smartwatches category has been showing a downwards fall for sometime now. The latest IDC report reveals that smartwatch shipments fell 52 percent in the third quarter to 27 million units as Apple showed the largest decline after Lenovo.

Some greenhouse gases come from natural sources. Evaporation adds water vapor to the atmosphere. Animals and plants release carbon dioxide when they respire, or breathe. Methane is released naturally from some low-oxygen environments, such as swamps.

Nitrous oxide is produced by certain processes in soil and water. Volcanoes-both on land and under the ocean-release greenhouse gases, so periods of high volcanic activity tend to be warmer.  

Since the Industrial Revolution of the late 1700s and early 1800s, people have been releasing large quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

BRICS Face Their Own Challenges While Meeting As A Bloc1

hey this – whats up

  At a summit this weekend, the BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – will be looking for ways to boost trade between their developing economies, representing nearly half of the world’s population.

  Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose climate change, infrastructure and sustainable development as the BRICS summit’s main goals. India’s $2.38 trillion economy is growing 7.5 percent annually, fastest of the five countries. But it also has the world’s highest number of people in poverty, with more than half of its 1.3 billion population living on less than $3.10 a day.

Indian government advisers have set up three working groups at the summit focused on counter-terrorism, cyber-security and energy security, according to Foreign Ministry official Amar Sinha.

India also wants to launch a BRICS social services agreement, financial services framework and possibly a think tank.

But Modi is also expected to seek support for India against Pakistan’s alleged backing of separatist rebels in the conflict-ridden Himalayan region of Kashmir. Daily protests and rebel attacks have dominated Indian news in recent months, and at least 80 civilians have been killed in clashes with law enforcement.

Tales from the Green Valley Article1

hey this – whats upA BBC history TV series, Tales from the Green Valley, explores life on a British farm in the 17th century. This 12 x 1/2 hour television documentary, produced and directed by Peter Sommer, was awarded the prestigious Learning on Screen award by the British Universities Film and Video Council

Be Confident with Your Diet

You may be shocked to know that something like 70 million people choose to start a weight loss diet of some description every year in this country. Even staggering is the sad statistic that around 95 percent of those hopeful dieters will actually fail to find a long lasting solution to their weight problem.

How can this be when modern diets are so sophisticated and benefit from many years of careful studies and research into the best ways of eating to manage weight?

Why Do People Fail?

One of the reasons so many people who diet to lose weight either fail to lose it or end up gaining back what they did lose soon after they stopped dieting is instead of continuing with eating a healthy diet, they reverted straight back to their old bad eating habits. And so the weight returned. One way to avoid this happening is to diet with confidence and to keep the actual diet going for much longer than the prescribed period of time recommended by the diet itself.

That doesn’t mean to stay eating the same diet foods, but by maintaining the level of calorie and portion control set out by the diet itself. That way, you don’t end up going back to your old eating ways but instead keep a healthy way of eating that becomes the habit over time.

When this happens, you actually change your bad habits for good ones and because the healthy way of eating becomes the norm or the habit, you find you don’t miss eating all the bad stuff that caused you to gain weight in the past.

It’s a pretty good way of reframing your mindset to accept a better way of eating that is for your benefit long term. Once you can keep this habit going, you need never put on any weight again because your body won’t be craving those old bad foods any more.

Convenient Dieting Can Help

While the main aim for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and fitness levels is to eat a healthy diet while working with a good exercise program on a daily basis, there are some people for whom that kind of system will not be possible. These are people who work long hours and have little time to themselves. But there is a way to get around this and that is to take advantage of the convenience variety of diets that are available.

While relying on diet alone to improve health is really only part of the overall equation, it is a start in the right direction. This is especially so if the person has been living on a bad diet of processed and junk foods.

Reading a review of Nutrisystem or one of the similar diet programs, you will see that you can get all your meals delivered to your home and not have to spend any time cooking meals. This time saving aspect of these diets is the key to helping you get back on the road to better health and fitness, because the time you save in not having to prepare and cook food, you could devote to getting some exercise into your day.

This will not be suitable for everybody in this situation, but it will mean that when you get home from work, instead of spending time in the kitchen preparing your evening meal, you could grab a 30 minute workout to a home fitness DVD or dance to Zumba or something similar before sitting down to eat a microwaved meal. It’s not a perfect solution but its one that is better than no solution at all!

How Effective are Convenience Diets?

When you are thinking about losing some weight through diet and are looking at the alternative that are available to you, it will probably seem natural to wonder about the validity of certain types of diet. Some of the diets that are available commercially seem to promise much yet are geared to the busy person with a tight schedule and are designed to be as convenient as can be.

So how can they be as effective as working on your own diet plan and putting in the time and effort that these convenience diets seem to allow you to do without?

The answer is not a simple one, but it helps to understand what this type of diet is all about and who its main target is.

Simple Works

Convenience diets such as those provided by companies like Nutrisystem are designed to be simple and for the user to have as little to do as possible. They are targeted to people who have difficult work schedules that leave them very little time for looking after what they eat.

This means they often tend to grab a quick lunch that is invariably mainly junk or empty calories bought at a fast food restaurant or a ready to eat snack off the supermarket shelf such as a sandwich or similar.

What a convenience diet offers is a healthier and low calorie alternative to grabbing something quick in a store, that can be quickly brought to the plate and eaten at home or taken to the office even and eaten there. They restrict your calorie intake while providing ready, fast and relatively tasty healthy meals, which is a big improvement on what they were doing before.

So from this perspective, it is easy to see how important such a diet is to a certain group of people and to them, it is certainly a valid diet that will help them to lose weight or at the very worst will stop them gaining any more! So if you ever wondered if a product like Nutrisystem or Medifast really can help you lose weight then the answer is: Yes it can!

If you are not one of those people who lead such busy lives, then perhaps you will have more time to explore other more suitable alternatives that fit with your own personal circumstances. Getting this part right about your own diet is the important part and can mean the difference between success or not.