BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Three weeks ago my old hair dryer bit the dust, and I have decided to upgrade to the BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme Dryer.

In the past when I needed to replace a hair dryer, I've always just run out to stores like Target and bought whatever was cheapest.

I just thought they were all the same. It turns out that I was wrong. Oh, so very wrong because this BaBylyss hair dryer is very different.

Professional Specs

The dryer has a professional long life motor and six speed and heat setting combinations.

In addition, to make it easier to clean, it has a removable filter. Unlike the usual hairdryers, which use a metal coil to produce their heat, this one uses ceramics. They claim that this dries the hair from the inside out and is gentler than the other types of hairdryers.

Who knows?

All I know is that it works. It has a narrow barrel, which really focuses the airflow and a micro concentrator nozzle. This particular hairdryer is probably the best hair dryer I've ever used to increase my hair's beauty.

Are There Any Secret Hair Drying Tips

It probably crosses plenty of people's minds at some stage or another as they struggle with their own hair drying problems, that there may be some secret drier tips that are being withheld by the big hairdryer companies for one reason or another.

After all, you might logically theorize that if the human head of hair is supposed to be beautiful in the way it looks, then how come we get tangles and knots in the first place?

Well, the secret is that there is really no great secret to drying perfect hairstyles!

In fact, getting your locks dried the way you want them is a lot easier than people think. That's because the ones who are finding it difficult are not doing enough to make things happen the way they are supposed to happen.

In order to achieve that perfect head of hair, all a person needs to do is to ensure that their technique is right and they are using the device the right way too. This can be made to happen by getting sufficient daily exercise in using it while maintaining a sensible temperature and avoiding trying to get it done too quickly.

Do that and your hair will do what it is meant to do and that is to find its correct shape and style with your help!


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