To Look and Dance Like Danny Zuko

One of my favourite films when growing up was Grease. John Travolta played the super cool jock Danny Zuko and I am sure I can speak for many men when I say, "I wouldn't mind being able to dance like Danny Zuko".

In the school playground most of the boys would pretend to be Danny and wished they were going out with Olivia Newton John's character, Sandy Olson.

Sandy would join the now legendary pink ladies with her friend Frenchy and the rest of the girls which led to many new "pink ladies" imitations in schools across America!

Great Characters

Although I loved those characters, the two characters I found most interesting was the relationship between Stockard Channings, Rizo and the late Jeff Conaways character, Kenickie.

There was also the person who played Kenickies love rival, Leo who was leader of the Scorpions. Leo was nicknamed crater face because he had acne like scarring and could definitely have done with an acne scar treatment or two!

And who can forget the immortal lines? "A Hicky from Kinickie" and i've got chills, there multiplying!

As am aside, I also want to mention dancing in terms of learning from a home video or DVD and how much you can benefit from it.

How Working Out with a Home DVD Improves Fitness

With the ever increasing variety of ways to get fit and maintain that fitness, it is not all that difficult to figure out that if everybody really wanted to be fit and maintain a healthy body weight and shape, all they have to do is work out at home each day while watching what they eat.

The reality is that a huge percentage of Americans are not just overweight but clinically obese is a sad testimony to the fact that not everybody is willing to help themselves by maintaining a daily exercise schedule.

Sure, there are all the tired old excuses that overweight people use to explain away their condition, but none of it really flies. It is just too easy to eat healthy meals and avoid high calorie, processed snacks that are laden with additives.

It is also easy enough to get hold of some good Zumba fitness DVD workouts or something similar and spend half an hour or so each day just dancing off the extra calories.

Thirty Minutes

That's right! Thirty minutes a day is all it takes to boost your metabolism and improve your fitness sufficiently to make sure that as long as you are eating healthily, you will not gain weight and if you are overweight you will soon get back into shape.

So if this weight loss information is not exactly difficult to understand or to put into practice, then why aren't more people doing it?

Well, I'm sure those that don't will have their excuses ready, but we all know that what it boils down to is sheer laziness and nothing more. Have a good day and if you want to get fit, you will!


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