This Is What You do When You've Cut Off Too Much of Your Hair

When you make a huge mistake and go wild with the scissors, this is what you do when you've cut off too much of your hair and need to grow it back fast!

I was not altogether over the moon at the prospect of having to cut my own hair and make improvements to my shape and size since my clothes were all getting a little too tight for comfort.

So I went looking for some ideas and inspiration online.

I was more than a little amazed at just how many great tips I eventually uncovered by searching the Internet.

when you've cut off too much of your hairThe sheer volume of information that is available through that medium is nothing short of staggering.

But first, let me tell you how I got to this point.

Cut Hair Too Short

I'm a hair stylist in my late 20's and by accident, I cut off 5 inches of my hair that I want to grow back as quickly as possible.

I've been using Viviscal hair vitamins for 5 weeks and boy, am I surprised and even shocked by the results!

You will not believe how much hair is growing. I had a small patch of hair missing on one of my eye brows where I over tweezed it.

This patch has been bare for almost a year and has now started to grow back. My eye lashes are longer and thicker and the hair on my legs are growing twice as fast. My hair is thicker and stronger.

Like with any supplement you have to be vigilant about using it. And don't expect over night results - it's going to take a few weeks, even a few months to notice any improvement. Expect to see your hair grow at about 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch per month.

I'm now recommending Viviscal to all my clients. I'm really over the moon with the results I'm seeing for myself.

Slimming Back into My Clothes

But that's all about the hair. What about my clothes?

Even so, I soon found that a lot of what I had been researching online was duplicated or rehashed but really saying more or less the same thing. I managed to boil it down to around a hundred or so really useful strategies that I intend to work with.

I don't think I'll be able to work with them all or even a large number simultaneously, but it would be better to work in small groups of three or four at a time to see what effect they have. I am guessing that over time I will find some great combination that are really in tune with the actual needs that I have and that make me different from the next guy.

This process of getting healthy is no easy walk in the park, but I'm pretty sure that with a good strategy and a methodical way of working it, I can lose the excess and get back to a fighting figure that looks and feels good in the clothes I am wearing.

Then I will know that just about anything is possible when you put your mind to it and are determined to see it through.


Anyway, to sum it all up, when you make a big mistake and cut off too much of your hair any time, there are ways of growing it back fast if needs be.

It does require you use products like I suggested above, but ultimately the best things to do are natural. Like making sure you use an all-natural shampoo and conditioner, not towel-drying after washing but patting dry with paper towels.

Also,make sure you nourish your scalp directly with a good vitamin oil and indirectly by eating a healthy diet with natural, whole foods and avoiding toxins like sugar and processed food!


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2 thoughts on "This Is What You do When You've Cut Off Too Much of Your Hair"

Elaine says:

I can sympathize with you on this. I did something equally stupid but way more than 5 inches. Like almost all of it, in a fit of anger after splitting with my boyfriend. And I so regretted it like almost immediately after. I couldn't face the world so I borrowed one of my mom's wigs (she has the same hair color as me) and it got me through the first few weeks until my own hair grew back enough so I wouldn't cringe going outside.

Doreen says:

OMG I did something just as crazy as you Elaine after splitting with my ex. I just grabbed the scissors and hacked away at my beautiful long hair until I looked like a demented witch! All I needed was a bunch of black cats, a pointy hat and a broomstick and I swear I could of flown over the rooftops screaming obscenities to all beneath me! Seriously, I cried my eyes out after it sank in what I just did. A trip to my hairdresser sort of fixed it to a point, but my hair was and still is much shorter than before and I kinda like it now.