Be Smart and Walk to Better Health

There is way too much evidence to suggest that walking is darn good exercise for everyone, so be smart and walk to better health and fitness!

Not only is it good for you physically, it also gets you out of the house and into the fresh air so that you can see some natural daylight and give your body a feel good boost by getting it to secrete more of the hormone serotonin.

So there are a lot of things going for that old fashioned way of getting around the place.

Not least of all it does keep you fitter and helps you keep your weight in check too.

How Healthy is Exercise?

walkingWith the growing number of overweight people seeming to keep pace with the growth in both the junk food and computer games industries, it's no wonder that people are eating more unhealthily while getting less exercise than ever before.

It has to be this combination that is leading to so many overweight people, but the worst part about it is that no one seems to really be taking any notice.

All they have to do is switch their eating habits into more healthy foods and then get some more exercise each day and the problem would go away in a very short space of time. The trick, I hear is that you have to exercise healthy to make the exercise that you are doing healthy!

If that sounds a little back to front, don't worry, it will make sense soon enough.

It's all about getting the right kind of exercise to increase your muscle strength while also boosting your body's metabolism. It also helps to get out into the fresh air and breathe deeply to get your respiratory health in better shape to oxygenate your muscles so they can work harder and for longer.

Diet and Exercise

When you can do that through exercise and then improve your diet, you'll naturally lose weight and look better too!

Just to emphasize that fact, here is a personal note from a guy called Ian that wrote in and asked if we could tell his story.

Here it is:

Last year saw a radical change come over my uncle who, for many years had suffered with ill health mainly due to his terrible lifestyle. He worked a desk job for most of his life and almost never got any exercise. He ate like a sparrow, so he always looked thin and gaunt and what was worse, he smoked twenty a day. I guess it all caught up with him eventually, culminating in a heart attack that he luckily survived. That changed his whole outlook on life, because he quit smoking, started walking for better health and even started eating better.

In about three months, he has totally changed his life around. With all the extra walking he does plus the change to his lifestyle he now looks healthier than I think I have ever seen him, while he has a spring in his step and a smile on his face that just never seemed to be there before. It just goes to show that you can't beat getting some daily exercise in your life for improving not only your health but your whole outlook, making things seem better than they ever were, which just has to be tons better than the alternative.

Being healthy and feeling good is something most of us can enjoy if we put our minds to it. Sitting in a chair and wishing it is not going to make it happen though. It's a case of getting up out of that chair and going for a sensible walk that is going to make a big difference to that lifestyle!


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Ian says:

Thanks for printing the story of my uncle, guys. Really appreciate it!